Baby 7 is committed in the development of breast-feeding products that are a fitting alternative for mothers and their infants.

Being a mother and witnessing family and friends experiencing issues when breastfeeding, I felt a more personalized nipple shield was needed. A shield based on a woman’s cup size, and not a one-size-fits-all product. The more I researched nipple shields I realized that there was nothing like this available, and it hit me that it was time we considered the various sizes of a woman breasts when developing such a personal product as a nipple shields, but also one that was easier to manipulate and handle.

As a result, I sat down and drew up a design of what a nipple shield should look like, and how it should fit; a nipple shield that contours to mom’s breast for a personalized fit. With drawing in hand, I conducted a patent search and composed my first patent application. I applied and awarded a United State Design Patent. More recently, I also applied for and was awarded a Utility Patent. I named the newly patented design “Mothers Nurser” Nursing Shield and it is the Real McCoy.

My patented design of “Mothers Nurser” nursing shields is worn to protect against breast-feeding difficulties such as;

latch difficulty, inverted nipples, and breast refusal. Other benefits are severely cracked and bleeding, blistered, chapped, bruised, fissured or infant refuses the breast etc.

So out of my need to support mothers with breast-feeding, Baby 7 LLC was born.